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After Night of Theatre n°11Jean-Frédéric Chevallier (director of Trimukhi Platform) and Fabrice Plançon (director of Alliance Française du Bengale) invited Masayuki Taga (Consul General of Japan in Kolkata), Nicolas Barthélemy (France), Dorine Julien (France), Guy-André Lagesse (France, South Africa), Ikue Nakagawa (Japan, Belgium) and Nouman Malik (India) to share their thought after their experience in Borotalpada village during the night-long festival. And to give a hint   of what has happened few days before in Borotalpada village during Night of Theatre n°11Ikue Nakagawa (Japan, Belgium) performed a dance solo directed by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier while Guy-André Lagesse and Nicolas Barthélemy showcased some of the sculpture-installations Les Pas Perdus have for the occasion designed with the villagers. And, last but not least: to stimulate the production of thought, wine was offered by the General Consulate of France in Kolkata! Cheers!