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Which projects to set-up in Trimukhi Cultural Centre? What are the desires of the village community members? What are the needs also? And what to invent? How to concrete each project? Who are the people responsible for this activity or for that one? What are the different ways to do art nowadays? How to build an art program open to the diversity of propositions that exists? How to maintain the quality of each production? How to speak in a microphone? What to tell to the audience? How to speak about art creations? Which words to use? What does a piece of art produce in us? As most of the artist guests come from Latin America, why not to learn Spanish so to be able to talk more with them and to understand better what happens during our rehearsals? As each year the sound system we contract is bad, why not to learn ourselves to manage it properly? These are some of the many questions that Trimukhi Platform tries to attempt during the Crash Courses sessions. The fourth session was held in October 2015 with sounds exploration activities leaded by Sudipto Shekhar Mridha and conversation about poetic of the land proposed by Marc Hatzfeld.




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