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Trimukhi Platform‘s concern for questioning the contemporary ways of fabricating and enjoying arts works has taken a double shape: the organisation of a night-long festival in Borotalpada village and the publication of a bilingual journal in Kolkata. In this context, on 31st January 2018, 7 pm, at Alliance Française du Bengale as part of the French programme at Kolkata Book fair, Nicolas Idier (Book office, Institut Français in India) and Jean-Frédéric Chevallier (Trimukhi Platform) invited editor Anjum Katyal (India) to discuss about the dynamics at the heart of Trimukhi Platform French-Indian publication Fabrique de l’art • Fabricate (Fabric of) Art and philosopher Barbara Cassin (France), photographer Élodie Guignard (France), anthropologist Marc Hatzfeld (France), sound artist André Eric Létourneau (Canada), dancer Ikue Nakagawa (Japan) as well as Alliance Française du Bengale director Fabrice Plançon (France, India) to share their thought after their experience in Borotalpada village for Night of Theatre • La Nuit des idées.

To enrich the evening, photographies taken by Élodie Guignard in Borotalpada village were projected during the discussions and, after an introduction by Masayuki Taga (Consul General of Japan in Kolkata), Ikue Nakagawa (Japan) performed the solo dance she created few days before in Borotalpada village for Night of Theatre n°10 • La Nuit des idées. Last but not least, to stimulate the production of thought, wine was offered by the General Consulate of France in Kolkata.