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After collaborating twice with Canadian sound artist André Eric Létourneau and then proposing a solo sound piece on the occasion of Trimukhi Platform 10 Years Anniversary Celebration, 21-year-old Sukul Hansda worked together with Mexican sound artist Andrés Solis (who had collaborated with Trimukhi Platform several times: for পল্লির শব্দ remix x 2 and for Motus Kinesis Part 2 – Serendipity). During 2 months Sukul recorded and edited from Borotalpada village while Andrés from Mexico city. They exchanged and built their composition using whatsapp and wetransfer. During Night of Theatre n°12, their sound piece was diffused in loop in the middle of a visual art installation, ALINJA SADÉ, designed by Salkhan Hansda.


sound record, editing and composition Sukul Hansda & Andrés Solis  art installation design Salkhan Hansda in close collaboration with Dhananjoy Hansda & Sukul Hansda  Solis • assistant Jiten Hansda  artistic advices Sukla Bar, Jean-Frédéric Chevallier & Antonio Zuñiga  produced by Trimukhi Platform & National Fund for Culture and Arts [FONCA] from Mexican Ministry of Culture  premiered on the occasion of Night of Theatre n°12 on March 7, 2019 Trimukhi Cultural CentreBorotalpada village 



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