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After two collaborations with Canadian sound artist André Eric Létourneau (for Atang Daram • Psychogeohorspiel II and Niutèt Ria Saré), Sukul Hansda, a 21-year-old Santhal boy, started working independently. Janga Da Saré is his first sound piece. As in previous years, the composition accompanies the Santhal welcoming ritual: tribal village women wash the feet of spectators coming from other areas of the region and from the city of Calcutta.



sound record and edition Sukul Hansda • produced by Trimukhi Platform • premiered on the occasion of Trimukhi Platform 10 Years Anniversary Celebration on November 3, 2018 • showcased during Night of Theatre 11 on March 2, 2019Trimukhi Cultural CentreBorotalpada village