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At the invitation of the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata which funded and supported the project, Trimukhi Platform worked six weeks on a new piece that weaves together contemporary performing arts outdoor and cinematographic experimentation for online viewers. It could be called a filmed-theatre or a film-theatre or a screen-dance, depending on your vocabulary preferences. From a paddy field about to be harvested to a lake fed with Monsoon water, to an akashbani grove and finally to a majestic mohua tree, MY BODY IS ANOTHER LANDSCAPE is a journey where contemporary art forms and village life are combined unexpectedly. The rehearsals and footages took place on the outskirts of Borotalpada in West Bengal, involving four dancers and four actors from the tribal village as well as a calf, a dog, a goat and a kid. It was premiered from Dec 8 to Dec 11, 2020, on Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata website. On the last day there were also an interactive online discussion between the audience and the crew members moderated by Anjum Katyal. 



MY BODY IS ANOTHER LANDSCAPE film-theatre + screen-dance

composed by Sukla BarJean-Frédéric ChevallierDhananjoy HansdaJoba HansdaSalkhan HansdaSukul Hansda • directed and filmed by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier  produced by Sukla Bar for Trimukhi Platform • performed by Dhananjoy HansdaJoba HansdaSalkhan HansdaSukul Hansda • with the participation of Delko & Kanai HansdaFalguni & Motilal Hansda, Fulmoni Murmu (projection)  bengali & english readings Abhirupa Haldar, Maïa NicolasRuchama Noorda • artistic inputs Joseph DananRuchama Noorda, Shahnaz Parveen, Sharmistha Sarker • with extracts from a dialogue between Gilles Deleuze & Claire Parnet, a soundtrack by Massive Attack and another one by Radiohead, a concerto by Akira Miyoshi played by Kuniko Kato, a choreographic phrase by Jean-Luc Godard and another by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker • video editing & sound design Jean-Frédéric Chevallier  in complicity with Sukla Bar • script-girl & boy Joba HansdaDhananjoy Hansda • sound record Dhananjoy Hansda, Dulal Hansda, Salkhan Hansda, Sukul Hansda • electrical set-up Sukul Hansda • logistics Delko Hansda, Falguni Hansda, Kanai Hansda, Motilal Hansda, Dhani Mandi, Minaksi Tudu • initiated, funded and supported by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata

Premiered from December 8 to December 11, 2020 through Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata website and then released on Trimukhi Platform Youtube channel • from May 28 to June 6, 2021, the film was part of the video-dance installation Los indios también hace teatro designed by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier and Sukla Bar at the Ex-presidencial Palace in Mexico city •  it was showcased again on September 10, 2021 during TANZAHOi International Festival in Hamburg, Germany

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Born in 2008 in Borotalpada, a village near the border between Bengal and Orissa in India, Trimukhi Platform is dedicated to producing contemporary arts forms, building bridges between distant worlds and stimulating the invention of out-of-the-common thought. The collective brings together 18 families in this Santhal village (Santhal are a community of Adivasi, or “first inhabitants” – aborigines – of India) around theatre director and philosopher Jean-Frédéric Chevallier and art producer Sukla Bar.