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bo >> premiered in Borotalpada village

ol >> premiered on line

hésèd / bordeaux (france)

in memoriam jean-luc godard / bo

untimely thoughts / bo

let it be / ol

my body is another landscape / ol

at the beginning of spring war was over / bo

cooking stone / bo

homemade theatre / bo

⇒ জল ই জীবন । la vie dans l’eau / bo

⇒  essay on seasonal variation in santhal society / bo

try me under water / bo

⇒ untimely meditation 3-41 / bogota (Colombia)

bachchader experimentum / bo

per ruptam silvam / bo

the thing that exists when we aren’t there / bo

guignol’s দল / bo

⇒ a breaking down and a multiplication of tissue

⇒ আকাশ কুসুম রচনা করা

monsoon night dream / bo


you feel the flow stopping then starting again inside, then starting again, going straight, bending, turning and drawing circles and finally being appeased; it is neither images nor sounds but a rhythm that in moments simulates both at the same time; only then you begin to perceive the city, the village, to dream your house [new delhi — india]

r/t poetry 4: decocción moment in a Habana Church [la habana — cuba]

we don’t inhabit landscapes any more [durban — france]

r/t poetry 3 [guayaquil — ecuador]

r/t poetry 2: the royal bioscope company [calcutta — india]

r/t poetry 1: deduction of the voluminous body [calcutta — india]

la melancolia se nutre de su propia impotencia [bogota — colombia]