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On the occasion of La Nuit des idées 2019, Trimukhi Platform proposed dance-theatre-video interventions in situ, in the garden of Institut Français, New Delhi, on January 31, 2019. The tittle, taken from  A Short Letter For A Long Farewell by Peter Handke was a bit long. It said: “You feel the flow stoping inside, then starting again, going straight, bending, turning and drawing circles and finally being appeased. It is neither images nor sounds but a rhythm that in moments simulates both at the same time. Only then you begin to perceive the city, the village, to dream your house.” The first variation tittle was: “Something Has to Happen to You as Soon as Possible.

composed and directed by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier • produced by Sukla Bar Chevallier for Trimukhi Platform • performed and lighted by Sumita BesraRamjit Hansda, Sukul Hansda Aopala Banerjee, Dhananjoy Hansda and P. Brahma sound design and video Jean-Frédéric Chevallier • live sound creation through internet Andres Solis* (*  Beneficiary of the National System of Art Creators 2017 of the Mexican National Fund for Culture and Arts) computer and video projection control Dhananjoy Hansda • modified texts extracts from Dream Box (students at Schools in New Delhi), A Thousand Plateaus (Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari) and A Short Letter For A Long Farewell (Peter Handke)  additional music Mass in B minor by J. S. Bach • performers in video Hema Bag, Bobi Besra, Dulal Hansda, Falguni Hansda, Joba Hansda, Motilal Hansda, Topon Hansda and Surujmoni Hansda • tour manager in New Delhi P. Brahma