With each new issue of Fabricate (Fabric of) Art • Fabrique de l’Art, you have something to do through out the year. The printed book (730 gr., 28 x 20 cm., 192 pp.) is to be read and look at slowly, by small bits, a few pages at a time. And then, once stimulated, your mind works, wanders, derails or launches into multiple paths. A few days later, you may return to the book, resume your exploration of the words or the images, make leaps, create links. And you will not stop, year-round, until the next issue: a way to continuously celebrate the arts as they are fabricated today.

Fabricate (Fabric of) Art • Fabrique de l’Art is published by Trimukhi Platform. It is printed in Kolkata, India, both in English and French. It involves philosophers, writers, sociologists and artists from all over the world.

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Launched in Paris (France), Kolkata (India), Chicoutimi and Montréal (Canada), the first issue of FABRICATE (FABRIC OF) ART • FABRIQUE DE L’ART contains texts and digital works by 21 artists and scholars from India, France, Spain, England, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Argentine, Ecuador and Canada: Rolf Abderhalden, María José Argenzio, Henri Barande, Héctor Bourges, John Butcher, Jean-Frédéric Chevallier, Joseph Danan, Samantak Das, Miguel Ferrao, Rodrigo García, Emilio García Wehbi, Denis Guénoun, Nilanjana Gupta, Bidyut Kumar Roy, Chittrovanu Mazumdar, Matthieu Mével, Madhuja Mukherjee, Julien Nénault, Gaston Roberge s.j. and Víctor Viviescas.

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Published with the support of the Publication Assistance Programmes of the Institut français, the second issue of FABRICATE (FABRIC OF) ART • FABRIQUE DE L’ART contains short essays, poetical texts and visuals works by 23 artists and scholars from India, France, Pakistan, Brazil, UK, Italy, Belgium, Mexico, Japan, Colombia, US, Tchad, Rumania and Canada: Lorena Ancona, Max de Carvhalho, Romeo Castellucci, Pallabi Chakravorty, Jean-Frédéric Chevallier, Joseph Danan, Nabaneeta Dev Sen, Sabina Giliani, Nathalie Heinich, Koulsy Lamko, Philippe Manoury, Matthieu Mével, Izumi Miyazaki, Ikue Nakagawa, Emmanuelle Pireyre, Jean-Paul Quéinnec, Soumya Sankar Bose, Rogelio Sosa, Pierre Soulages, Bruno Tackels, Sanda Voïca. The purpose is concrete and simple: stimulating the thought, awakening desire for the arts.

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