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launched in a surprising and theatrical way

at Ashoka University // NEW DELHI >> February 1, 2019, 6:30 pm

at Alliance Française du Bengale // KOLKATA >> December 19, 2018, 7:00 pm

at Munir’s Place // KOLKATA >> December 17, 2018, 8:00 pm

free and open to all

For the launch of the new issue of its yearly publication on contemporary art practices, Trimukhi Platform presents a performative and poetical reading in English, French, Santhali and Bengali time to time combined with video art projections. The event is concluded by a lively interaction about Trimukhi Platform one decade theatre work in India.



// Performative reading of জল জীবন LA VIE DANS L’EAU //

text and video Jean-Frédéric Chevallier  translation into bengali and production Sukla Bar Chevallier translation into santhali and video performance Chintamoni Hansda, Dulal Hansda, Joba Hansda and Surujmuni Hansda • special video appearance Fabrice Plançon • read and performed by Aopala Banerjee, Sumita Besra, Ramjit Hansda, Sukul Hansda and Jean-Frédéric Chevallier • sound and video control Dhananjoy Hansda • produced by Trimukhi Platform, Alliance Française du Bengale and Department of Performing Arts of Ashoka University


// Lively interaction about TRIMUKHI PLATFORM theatre work //

with Jean-Frédéric Chevallier  | director of Trimukhi Platform  Virginie Corteval | General Consul of France in Kolkata   Anjum Katyal | Director of Apejay Literary Festival  Justin Mc Carthy | Head department of Performing Arts, Ashoka University  Samantak Das | Head department of Comparative literature, Jadavpur University • Sraman Mukherjee | Assistant Professor, Department of Visual Arts, Ashoka University





With each new issue of FABRICATE (FABRIC OF) ART • FABRIQUE DE L’ART, you have something to do through out the year. The printed book (730 gr., 28 x 20 cm., 192 pp.) is to be read and look at slowly, by small bits, a few pages at a time. And then, once stimulated, your mind works, wanders, derails or launches into multiple paths. A few days later, you may return to the book, resume your exploration of the words or the images, make leaps, create links. And you will not stop, year-round, until the next issue: a way to continuously celebrate the arts as they are fabricated today. FABRIQUE DE L’ART is published by Trimukhi Platform with the support of Institut Français in India. It is printed in Kolkata, India, both in English and French. It involves philosophers, writers, sociologists and artists from all over the world.

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TRIMUKHI PLATFORM is a 10 years old tribal Santhal/Bengali/French organisation dedicated to contemporary arts practices (performing arts, sound, visual and video arts), neighbourhood relations and invention of thought. It was founded in West Bengal, India, by 18 families from the Santhal village of Borotalpada (Motilal and Falguni Hansda, Delko and Kanai Hansda, Mado and Kalicharam Hembrom, Chamru and Sunita Soren, Bhudray and Sumita Besra, among others), a social worker from Kolkata (Sukla Bar) and an out-of-the-ordinary French theatre director and philosopher residing in India (Jean-Frédéric Chevallier). All the activities, the night-long festival of contemporary arts, photography, video and aural art installations, workshops and nightly wanderings in particular, are organised with the villagers and artists invited from Asia, North and South America and Europe. Amongst the 12 members of the directive bureau of Trimukhi Platform in Borotalpada village, the youngest is seven years old and the oldest is 45 years of age.





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