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পল্লির শব্দ REMIX x 2 double sound installations + happenings

sound design by Andrés Solis and Rogelio Sosa sound recording and texts Jean-Frédéric Chevallier voices Medha BhaumikSurujmoni Hansda and Raima Mondal happenings Chumki Hansda, Delko Hansda, Dulal Hansda, Falguni Hansda, Kajol Hansda, Mado Hembrom and Pini Soren manipulation Ramjit Hansda and Salkhan Hansda conception Sukla Bar Chevallier and Chandrai Murmu in collaboration with Bhudray Besra and Jean-Frédéric Chevallier produced by Trimukhi Platform and CONACULTA (Mexico)

première during Night of Theatre n°8 on February 14 2015 • Trimukhi Cultural Centre • second presentation on December 19 2015 at Trimukhi Cultural Centre • Borotalpada village • West Bengal • India