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Presented by Trimukhi Platform and Institut Français / French Embassy in India in partnership with Alliance Française du Bengale, The Japan Foundation New Delhil’Université du Québec à Montréal, Hexagram and MACE, the amazing night-long festival of contemporary performing arts and inventive thought Night of Theatre n°10 • La Nuit des Idées take place on January 27 2018 at Trimukhi Cultural Centre in the Santhal tribal village of Borotalpada, West Bengal, India where artists and philosophers from Kolkata, Paris, New Delhi, Tokyo, Montréal, Mexico and Port-au-Prince together with actors, dancers and musicians from Borotalpada will both showcase in situ sound, theatre, dance or dance-theatre performances and evolve in stimulative discussions about “intensity flows”… before inviting all to join for a joyful multicultural dance party until the sun rise again… Will participate in the programme this year: Sukla Bar (India), Barbara Cassin (Francia), Jean-Frédéric Chevallier (Francia, India), Divya Dwivedi (India), Élodie Guignard (France), Surujmoni Hansda (India), Marc Hatzfeld (France), André Éric Létourneau (Canada), Patrice Maniglier (France), Shaj Mohan (India), Tibru Murmu (India), Ikue Nakagawa (Japón), Makenzy Orcel (Haiti) and Paola Torres (Mexico). This event is part both of Institut français’ international Nuit des idées (“Night of Ideas”) to celebrate all over the world the stream of ideas between countries, cultures, topics and generations, and of Bonjour India, a four-month-long celebration of Indo-French innovation, creativity and partnership. ⇑ press and media

⇒ The journey starts on Saturday 27th January 2018 at 1 pm from Howrah station, Kolkata, coming back in Kolkata next day at 11 am. Booking is open from 17th November to 18th December 2017 online (payment through PayUMoney gateway) as well as at Alliance française du Bengale and MACE. A very limited number of seats is still available.

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The Night of Theatre n°9 / La Nuit des idées took place on Saturday 28th January 2017 at Trimukhi Cultural Centre in the Santhal tribal village of Borotalpada, West Bengal, India. During the night-long event, artists and scholars from Kolkata, Paris, Madrid and Montréal, together with Santhal actors, dancers and musicians both showcased in situ performances and evolved in stimulative conversations about art and thought. The night-long program ended with a joyful multicultural dance party. Coming back from the dry rehearsal at Trimukhi Cultural Centre in March 2016, journalist Mrinmhoy Nandi from Kaahon.com, observed: “Jean-Frédéric Chevallier advocates the idea of not restricting theatre to any defined space. This enables him to explore multiple possibilities and push the boundaries of the form. However, it is important to avoid the mistake of considering the elements to be theatre itself! And his idea of theatre is of presenting than representing…”  full programme in pdf  press and media

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The Night of Theatre n°8 was held on 14th Feb 2015 at Trimukhi Cultural Centre in the Santhal tribal village of Borotalpada (West Midnapore, West Bengal, India). During the night-long event, artists from La Habana, Paris, Kolkata and Mexico city, together with tribal actors, dancers and musicians showcased in different places around and inside Trimukhi Cultural Centre, theatre, music and dance performances as well as a double sound installation and happenings. For this 8th edition, a reduced number of guests audience from Kolkata was received so to favor exchange and dialogue with the villagers. The program ended with a multicultural dance party. The bus returned at 5:45 AM. Reporting for The Time of India, journalist Rakhi Chakrabarty wrote: “Across the Subarnarekha, where the road ends and rolling fields spread out against the sky, is a sleepy Santhal village called Borotalpada. On Saturday, the remote Adivasi village in West Midnapore district was buzzing with activity. For, it was a Night of Theatre. A theatre with home-grown actors. A theatre of the soil. A contemporary theatre, a theatre of the present, where life will be presented, not represented; theatre where life unfolds as life as we experience it.” More…   full programme in pdf  press and media

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The Night of Theatre n°7 took place on 15th February 2014 at Trimukhi Cultural Centre. Artists from Paris, Bogotá, Kolkata, Mexico city and Borotalpada village presented outside the Centre theatre, dance and music performances as well as an experimental film. Two of the performances were the result of a 12 day rehearsals process together with 15 villagers. Journalist Mohua Das reported the event for The Telegraph: “There was something magical about making one’s way through the backwoods with torchlights and settling down on the ground under the open skies, feeling the caress of a wintry breeze and watching performances in the dark — imaginative and untamed.”  + More…  full programme in pdf  press and media

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The Night of Theatre n°6 was held in West Bengal, India, on 9th February 2013, at the upcoming Cultural Centre that Trimukhi Platform has been building in the Santhal village of Borotalpada. It involved theatre, dance, music, installation, photo exhibition and video projection. Artists from India, Europe and Latin America rehearsed together with painters, photographers, dancers, musicians and actors from the tribal area to prepare the 12 works that had been shared in situ during the night-long festival. +More… full programme in pdf

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As a first activity in the Cultural Centre in construction, Trimukhi Platform in collaboration with Proyecto 3 (Mexico), MACE (India), CONACULTA (Mexico) and Teatro Ojo (Mexico) organised on 25th February 2012 in the compound of the building in process the Night of Theatre n°5: a night-long program with stage works performed by groups composed with artists from different social worlds and geographic continents. It was a way to show that it is possible to bring up a project of high quality art creation among those who normally cannot access as spectators and as makers such a kind of professional platform. + More  full programme in pdf  press and media

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Produced by the National Mexican Fund for Art and Culture and the National University of Mexico, organised by Proyecto 3, with the collaboration of Trimukhi Platform the Night of Theatre (Noche de Teatro) n°4 took place on 5th September 2009 in Teatro UNAM, Mexico City, from 7 pm to 7 am. It was the première of 4 theatre performances directed by Rubén Ortiz (Mexico), Jean-Frédéric Chevallier and Matthieu Mével (France, Italy, India), Víctor Viviescas (Colombia) and Joseph Danan (France). Between each play, a musical performance was proposed by Rogelio Sosa (Mexico). Before the night-long event Proyecto 3 and Trimukhi Platform organised 4 Days of Theory at Casa Refugio and at Theatre Juan Ruiz de Alarcon with the participation of Eduardo Bernal, Helena Chavez, Jean-Frédéric Chevallier, Joseph Danan, Ileana Diéguez, Camill Goliash, Marcos López, Matthieu Mével, Rodolfo Obregón, Philippe Ollé-Laprune, Rubén Ortiz, Rogelio Sosa and Víctor Viviescas. + More…  full programme in pdf  press and media

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Organised by the collective of  artists Proyecto 3, the third Night of Theatre took place at Theatre Arq. Carlos Lazo in the Faculty of Architecture of the National Mexican University on 17th November 2007, from 7 pm to 7 am of the next day. Five directors from Colombia, France, Italy, Poland and Mexico were invited to art residencies in Mexico City. During these residencies each one, together with a Mexican team of actors and dancers prepared a specific art work to be shown during the festival. A visual artist and a writer, both from Mexico, were also invited to participate in these rehearsals. Five theatre and dance performances and a video documental were showcased during the night: Variaciones sobre una clase muerta by Mario Bellatín (writer), Contando Borreguitos by Héctor Bourges (visual artist) with Teatro Ojo group, Bombay Railways by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier (theatre director and philosopher), El “conforte” de lo inconfortable by Camill Goliasz (philosopher), Muestras de los hombres de menos by Matthieu Mével (dramaturgist), Extrême Orient by Frank Michelletti (choreographer) and Rastros / Rostros by Victor Viviescas (dramaturgist). A little more than four hundred peoples came to the night event. The theatre and dance performances as well as the video documental continued to be shown in the same theatre in November, December 2007 and January 2008. To organise the Night of Theatre, Proyecto 3 received sponsorship from FONCA (program for cultural projects development), Mexican National University, University of Claustro de Sor Juana, Casa Refugio Citlaltépetl and Pascual Workers Cultural Foundation. Less academic and more interactive than the usual academic conference, Proyecto 3 organised for the occasion a series of Theoretical Activities around the Third Night of Theatre at Casa Refugio Citlaltépetl, University of Claustro de Sor Juana,  Teatro Arq. Carlos Lazo and Mexican National University Faculty of Philosophy from 25th October to 16th November 2007. The first conversation about contemporary theatre texts took place at Casa Refugio Citlatépetl, on October 25th, 2007. Jean-Frédéric Chevallier, Frank Micheletti and Philippe Ollé-Laprune were thinking together. The second conversation about contemporary theatrical texts, took place in Casa Refugio on November 8th, 2007 at the same place, with Mario Bellatín, Héctor Bourges, Matthieu Mével, Víctor Viviescas and glass of wine in hand for each one. A seminar was held at Claustro de Sor Juana University on October 26, 2007 with  Jean-Frédéric Chevallier, Camill Golliash, Frank Micheletti and Rubén Ortiz. It was a good moment for thinking about the notions of “present”, “to present”, “to receive a present”, which also involved the audience. The second part of the seminary took place on Friday, 9 November 2007 with the participation of  Héctor Bourges, Matthieu Mével and Víctor Viviescas. And round tables about “Resistance and relation” were held in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of UNAM on 16 November 2007 with Héctor Bourges, Jean- Frédéric Chevallier, Ileana Dieguez, Camill Golliash, Marcos López, Matthieu MévelPhilippe Ollé-Laprune and Víctor Viviescas full programme in pdf

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Organised by the collective of  artists Proyecto 3, the second Night of Theatre took place on 2nd December 2006 at Claustro de Sor Juana University with the support of the Culture Secretary of Mexico City Municipal Corporation, the French Embassy in Mexico, the Spanish Cooperation Agency and the Institute 17 of Critical Studies ; and in the Mesones street in coordination with Casa Vecina Cultural Centre and Historical Mexico City Centre Foundation. Four companies as well as four stage directors where presenting their theatre or choreographic works: Kubilaï Khan Investigation (dir. Frank Micheletti, France, Japan, Italy, Spain, Vietnam), Proyecto 3 (dir. Jean-Frédéric Chevallier, Mexico, France), Dragón del Butoh (dir. Iko Rojas, Chili), Alternativa Teatral (dir. Leticia Ruiz, Mexico) and Matthieu Mével (France), Héctor Bourges, Rubén Ortiz, Isabel Ruiz (Mexico). Two films were also projected (Jean-Frédéric Chevallier, Maïa Nicolas, Joseph Danan, Adda Bautista) and four musical concerts were performed: Wamazo, Orfelinato, Pedro Aristóteles and Juan Pablo Villa. The Night of Theatre was preceded by the Second International Conference on Contemporary Theatre Gesture that took place in the Faculty of Philosophy and Literatures of the Mexican National University (UNAM) from 27th to 30th November 2006. The artists and researchers invited were coming from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Chad, Congo, Cuba, Spain, Philippines, France, Italy, Japan and Mexico. The questions to reflect on were: (1) Perception of the act of presenting, (2) Cultural monopoles and artistic collectives: the stages of resistance, (3) Resistance against neoliberalism, (4) Theatre out of the theatre halls and civil society in the theatre. Each day more than 100 peoples were coming to listen the conferences. The texts of the conferences were published in a special edition of the review Lineas de fuga of Casa Refugio Citlaltépetl directed by Philippe Ollé-Laprune full programme in pdf

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Organised by the collective of  artists Proyecto 3, the very first Night of Theatre took place in Mexican National Museum of Cultures in the center of Mexico city on 13th Novembre 2004 from 7 p.m till 5 a.m on the next day. Four dance-theatre performances were showcased in the two big halls of the museum:  Roaming Mundo by Joseph Danan (France), Lo obsceno II by Víctor Viviescas (Colombia), Autoconfesión by Rubén Ortiz and Gerardo Trejoluna (Mexico) and Maquina-Hamlet (Heiner Müller) by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier. Unusual actions were proposed in the patio by Héctor Bourges (Mexico) and four concerts performed in the Moneda street: by Horacio Franco, Verónica Ituarte, Chejere, Salario Mínimo. The night ended with a musical journey with all the audience participation and Benoît Mory (France) experimental sound set-up. The play Maquina-Hamlet continued to be presented at the same location for two more months and the play Roaming Mundo was later on restaged in France at Gare au théâtre and La Mousson d’été. The night-long festival was preceded by the First International Conference on Contemporary Theatre Gesture organised by Proyecto 3 and coordinated by Jean-Frédéric Chevallier at Mexican National Centre for the Arts (CENART) on 10th November, University of Mexico City (UACM) on 11th November and National Mexican University (UNAM) on 12th November 2004.  full programme in pdf

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