Flying Bamboo

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In 2012 Trimukhi Platform opened the question: What does “to build” mean? From an initial drawing, a barely visible trace on the ground, a different architecture has taken place which contains the actual movement from different geopolitical centres (Paris, London, Kolkata or Mexico) to a single border (Borotalpada): a Cultural Centre outside the centre. Such a sue-generis project literally condenses the lines which provide the creative structure for the installation that the Mexican visual artist Alejandro Orozco decided to build on the north side of Trimukkhi Cultural Centre in Borotalpada Santal Village: a huge structure mostly made of local bamboo. This on-site installation, developed in collaboration with local villagers presented a space to transit, to stand for a moment, to surround and to visually participate in.

Flying Bamboo in a Santal Village is an art installation made of bamboo pieces that the Mexican Alejandro Orozco designed and constructed together with villagers from Bortalpada Santal Village: Girish Soren, Chandrai Murmu, Bhimcharan Hansda, Salkhan Hansda, Motilal Hansda, Gopal Hansda, and the advice and help from Himadri Mondal, Raima Mondal, Sukla Bar and Lorena Rojas. Located on the north side of Trimukhi Cultural Centre, it was inaugurated during the Night of Theatre n°6, on February 9, 2013.





  • 325 bamboo pieces (variable sizes between 15 – 25 cm)
  • 97 Lines of 6 and 4 mm metallic wire (variable lengths between 200 and 600 cm)
  • 150 metallic eye-bolts
  • Yellow, Red, Blue Acrylic Paint.